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Katy Independent School District

2014 Bond

​Performing Arts Centers (PAC) Retrofits

Morton Ranch High School (MRHS)Seven Lakes High School (SLHS)

 Estimated Project Timeline

Spring 2017Fall 2017

Special schedule considerations are as follows:

  • The District has a critical need for occupancy by August 2017

  • The schedule is preliminary and will be finalized during the design phase of the project.

  • The project may be designed and built on a phased construction schedule to meet Owner needs

Recommended Scope of Work

Subsequent to our PAC renovations from the 2010 Bond, it has been identified that retrofits are needed to meet program at MRHS and SLHS. These two PACs will be 11 and 10 years old, respectively, and have been used constantly by school groups as well as experiencing "heavy" use by community groups. The retrofit was planned to occur on a 10-year cycle to maintain pace with technology upgrades in equipment, etc. The majority of expense with this project is in the replacement and repositioning of technology components which are not covered through the Technology Department scope of work. Additional components are addressed in accordance with safety and student/user risk of injury or application.
Performance Lighting
Purchase of new lighting control console and additional performance lighting fixtures including new LED fixtures.

  • Current console is out dated, no longer manufactured with limited support/parts from manufacturer.

  • Current console technology is 10 years old. It does not provide students with skills required by higher education and professional work environments, therefore limiting their preparation in this field.

  • Current fixture inventory shared between 2-3 performance spaces, limiting lighting design quality by student designers when all spaces used simultaneously. Students are spending more time removing/ re-hanging fixtures from space to space, taking away other instructional opportunities. This requires students to work later/longer hours, after class time, relocating and re-hanging fixtures for different events that run consecutively in different spaces during the week. Longer hours are limited due to State Law and UIL extracurricular restrictions, therefore work is limited, or programs will be in violation and subject to penalty.

  • Installation of identified LED fixtures will reduce amount of heat generated on stage, providing healthier student/performer space as well as reducing potential fire hazard.

  • Installation of identified LED fixtures would provide more energy efficient and effective performance lighting, lowering energy consumption (compliant contributor to Texas law of reducing energy consumption).

  • Installation: 96-144 additional dimming units (1-2 dimming racks), 96-144 additional circuits to provide greater range of use for all users (internal and external). 

  • Limited dimmers/circuits restricts use of spaces for users requiring more lighting needs and limits creative design/execution of student lighting design application.

  • Frequent school and/or district events and productions in PAC require additional funding due to necessary rental of extra lighting equipment to fulfill event/performance requirements. 

Performance Audio/Video
Purchase: New Digital Live Audio Mixer ( Venue SC48 with Computer) additional wireless/wired microphones and wireless Intercom System for reasons noted below:

  • Age, availability of parts and limited service of current components.

  • Provide current audio technology standards to students for study and practical application.

  • Provide greater application of student creativity in audio design, recording and playback for accurate assessment of skills and knowledge (TEKS-based) experiences, knowledge of equipment, applications, and problem solving.

  • Expand the audio functionality of all PAC events; lessen the amount of audio processing hardware needed to run events.

  • Fulfill expanded audio requirements from both campus based and community based end users.

  • Eliminate frequent movement, and positioning problems encountered with wire based intercom and audio systems.

Replacement of video projectors and video screens. Repositioning of new video projectors and video screens.

  • Correct the low image quality from current projectors due to 100’ projector to screen distance, and wiring infrastructure.

  • Projector maintenance/repair difficult, dangerous, and expensive at current location.

  • Current screen positions prevent simultaneous usage of video images and stage action, therefore limiting event capabilities.

  • Larger screens, closer high image quality projectors will increase usage of video projection system by PAC end users, raise image quality standard required by PAC end users and simplify maintenance and repair of systems by PAC managers and student technicians.

  • Savings to campus programs and district by use and repositioning of newer more efficient projectors, due to elimination of expensive long throw projector lenses and bulbs.

  • Retrofit/updating of video hardware (cameras, digital video mixing).

  • Reinstallation of current video mixing equipment to practical user-demand location. (Video equipment in the identified PACS is located in areas with no accessible views of the stage.)

  • Reinstallation of equipment to control booth location provides greater visibility of operator and proximity to other systems operators. 

  • More students actively engaged in the learning and application of knowledge pertinent to effective and efficient equipment functionality.

  • Will be able to meet the varied requirements of campus and community based end users.

Performance Rigging and Draperies:
Replace existing border/leg curtains with units of extended height and width

  • Current draperies do not mask the back stage or the fly space effectively.

  • Present border/leg curtains limit the height of scenery, increases the view of backstage during a show, and provides limited functionality for productions.

  • Have other existing stage drapes cleaned and recoated with flame retardant.

  • Reduces fire hazard potential, and provides for a cleaner stage environment.

  • Need is met to comply with federal, state and local fire code requirements

Replacement of existing purchase line rigging locks with “ JR Clancy Sure Locks”

  • Increases safety factor by indicating “Out of Balance Loads” and the ability to padlock closed any line set that is being repaired, or adjusted.

  • Prevent accidental operation of line set by unauthorized individuals.

  • Reduces risk of student injury and performer (in-district or outside user) injury.

Replacement of any time specific rigging hardware as determined by outside rigging inspectors.

  • Identified rigging components need replacement due to general wear, and usage

House Lights

  • Replacement of house light with new LED lights.
TEA District"A"  Rating
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