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Katy Independent School District

Mayde Creek High School

​​​​​Parking Information for 2021-2022


Click here to see the Parking Registration Directions

Student Parking Color Code Map​

How do I purchase a parking permit? 
To purchase a student parking permit, you MUST present to Ms. Heard: 
  • Your valid Texas driver’s license

  • A hard copy of proof of current insurance (with student’s name listed as a driver)

  •  Signed MCHS Parking Agreement

  •  Completed Google form with parking information 

  • $41.50 (on Katy ISD  Pay N' Go)- for parking sticker 

  • Have all technology and books from the 2020-2021 school year turned into the library

Where can I park? 

Student parking is in front of the main building, behind reserved and visitor parking. When you purchase your parking permit, you will select a parking spot from the map. You must park in your assigned spot; do not park in visitor parking or in another student’s spot. 

Staff parking is located behind the 9th Grade Gym, behind the 1100, 1200, 1300, & 1400 hallways, and by the PAC. Students may not park in these areas between 6:30 AM and 2:35 PM. 

What if I park somewhere else? 

Students must park in their designated spot. Parking in any unauthorized area will result in booting of the offending vehicle and disciplinary action, which may include loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year. There will be no verbal warning.  

Neither KISD nor MCHS recommends or authorizes student parking in any location off campus. Do not park in the neighborhoods around MCHS. This may result in receiving a police citation or possible towing of your vehicle. 

How do I attach my parking sticker? 

Attach your parking sticker to the front passenger side of your windshield. If your sticker is not visible and in the correct location, you may receive discipline, including booting your car. 

What if I need a new parking sticker? 

If a new vehicle is purchased throughout the year, contact the 11th grade office as soon as possible to update your information. Replacement permits are $20, and the original permit must be returned in order to receive a replacement.  

Student parking permits are not transferable between vehicles. Reproducing a student parking permit is considered a theft and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences and revocation of parking privileges.  

What if I need a temporary parking permit? 

Temporary parking permits are issued only to students who have already purchased a valid parking permit. If it becomes necessary to temporarily drive another vehicle, drivers will need to get a temporary parking permit from the parking office immediately upon arrival to school. You will need to provide the license plate number of the vehicle you are driving. Temporary permits are issued for a maximum of five days at a time. 

What happens if I violate parking rules and regulations?

Students who drive to school must obey all traffic signs and driving safety rules, including the 10 mph speed limit on school property. Additionally, students must adhere to all regulations outlined in student handbooks. Failing to follow to parking rules may result in campus actions, including (but not limited to) detention, suspension, administrative search, booting, ticketing, and towing. 

A parking violation sticker will be affixed to any vehicle found in violation of MCHS parking rules. The violation will be recorded for each occurrence and a discipline consequence will be issued. A boot will be placed immediately on all cars that do not have an MCHS parking sticker. 

All students must obey state and federal laws, in addition to campus and district laws.   

Drivers must not allow passengers to ride in the bed of their pickup trucks or on the roof, hood, or trunk of a car while driving on campus. Driving over curbs/parking spots or speeding will result in discipline.  

Parents and students should be aware that driving and parking on school campus is a privilege. Therefore, students who abuse the privilege with excessive tardies and truancies may have their parking privileges revoked for the semester.  Continued offenses will result in privileges being revoked for the year.  No refund will be issued. 

Can I go back to my car during the school day? 

Upon arrival at school, students are to immediately park and enter the building. Students are not allowed in parking areas during the school day without permission from a principal. Teachers cannot give permission for students to be in parking areas.  

Students who are in parking areas during the school day without proper permission will be subject to disciplinary action, including administrative search. Leaving campus without permission will result in disciplinary action. 

What if my car is booted? 

Violation of parking rules may result in a boot being placed on the car. If your car is booted, come to the 11th grade office. A fine of $20 will be required for the first boot removal; each subsequent booting will be subject to a $40 fine. Repeated violations will result in loss of parking privileges and/or towing of the vehicle.  

Do not attempt to drive a booted vehicle. Damage to a boot is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Please see the following attachment for any questions:

Click here to see the Parking Registrations Directions

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