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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Legacy Parent Academy""

The Katy ISD Legacy Parent Academy is a series of informational sessions specifically designed to assist parents by building awareness of a range of social-emotional and academic topics that impact our students and our campuses district-wide. Academy participants will gain factual knowledge pertinent to each topic while also learning strategies and proven techniques to assist in supporting students.

 Legacy Parent Academy was developed to support the District’s Strategic Plan Goal 8: “We will actively support the emotional well-being of all learners.”  

​ ​Legacy Parent Academy 2020-2021 Sessions​



September 23, 2020: Warning Signs & Symptoms of Suicide, Dealing with Suicide, and Managing Speaking with Children about SuicideSeptember 23, 2020: Warning Signs & Symptoms of Suicide, Dealing with Suicide, and Managing Speaking with Children about Suicide2020-09-15T20:43:34Z<div class="ExternalClass3172E26DA9EF4416B443A3E492D07B8B"><p>​<strong>​Presenters:</strong> L<span style="font-size:13px;">e</span><span style="font-size:13px;">slie Meeks, LMSW, </span><span style="font-size:13px;">A</span><span style="font-size:13px;">ndrea Ortiz </span><span style="font-size:13px;">C</span><span style="font-size:13px;">HANGES - Westpark Springs; </span><span style="font-size:13px;">T</span><span style="font-size:13px;">h</span><span style="font-size:13px;">e Jason Foundation</span></p><p class="ExternalClassEF4AB07F3C7B422C9BC3AA9AECA98866"><strong>Session Description: </strong>Most suicides are preceded by warning signs. Participants will learn how to recognize and respond, and how to discuss suicide with children at age-appropriate levels.</p><p class="ExternalClassEF4AB07F3C7B422C9BC3AA9AECA98866">​<strong>Location:  Zoom</strong> <br></p><p><a href=""></a><br></p><p>Passcode: LPA92020<br></p><p class="ExternalClassEF4AB07F3C7B422C9BC3AA9AECA98866"><strong>Date and Time: </strong></p><div>September 23, 2020</div><div>6:00 PM - 7:00 PM<br></div><div><br><br></div><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>Registration will not be required for this session</strong></p><p><br></p></div>
October 7, 2020: Anxiety and Reintegrating into SchoolOctober 7, 2020: Anxiety and Reintegrating into School2020-10-09T20:44:26Z<div class="ExternalClass8302C3E12EB346CC828482CEC68AC511"><p>​<strong>Presenters: </strong>Traci Wagner (PHS), Alejandra Paez (MPE), Janie Bazargani (SLHS), Norma Baisden (TWE)</p><p><strong>Session Description: </strong>Students may have difficulty reintegrating into school and have not been in a face-to-face setting since March 6, 2020. Participants will learn how to recognize anxiety and strategies to help students experience success returning to school. </p><p><strong>Location:  Zoom</strong> <br></p><p>Please click the link below to join the webinar:</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>Passcode: LPA1020<br></p><p><strong>Date and Time: </strong></p><div>October 7, 2020<br></div><div>6:00 PM - 7:00 PM<br></div><div><br></div><p><strong>Registration will not be required for this session</strong><br></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong>Documents from this session:</strong></p><p><strong><a href="/parents/Documents/Anxiety%20and%20Reintegration.pdf" style="background-color:#ffffff;">Anxiety and Reintegration Presentation</a><br style="color:#222222;background-color:#ffffff;"><a href="/parents/Documents/Ansiedad%20y%20Reintegracion.pdf" style="background-color:#ffffff;">Ansiedad y Reintegracion</a><br style="color:#222222;background-color:#ffffff;"><a href="/parents/Documents/Miedos%20por%20Edad.pdf" style="background-color:#ffffff;">Miedos por Edad</a><br style="color:#222222;background-color:#ffffff;"><a href="/parents/Documents/Resource%20list-%20Anxiety%20and%20Reintegration%20into%20school.pdf" style="background-color:#ffffff;">Resource List</a><br></strong></p></div>
November 11, 2020: Navigating Emotional/Behavioral Concerns for Your ChildNovember 11, 2020: Navigating Emotional/Behavioral Concerns for Your Child2020-12-04T03:46:51Z<div class="ExternalClass80DAFE70AC5949C8A885BB6D357CFEF8"><div><div><p>​Presenters:  Stephanie Hardman, and Jesse Saldana, Katy ISD Licensed Specialists in School Psychology. </p><p> <strong>Session Description:</strong> In recognition of School Psychology Awareness Week, LSSPs will speak about differences between special education and 504, as well as the differences between school psychologists and other school helping professionals. Private services, such as a therapists and psychiatrists, will be discussed.  </p><p> <strong>Location:  </strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Zoom  Session</a>  Passcode: LPA11-20<br></p><p> <strong>Date and Time: </strong>November 11, 2020 from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM<br></p><p> <strong>Document from this session:</strong><br></p></div></div><blockquote style="margin:0px 0px 0px 40px;border:none;padding:0px;"><div><div><p> <a href="/parents/Documents/Navigating_Emotional_Behavioral_Concerns.pdf" target="_blank">Navigating Emotional Behavioral Concerns</a></p></div></div></blockquote><div><div><div> <br> </div><div style="text-align:center;"> <strong>Registration will not be required for this session</strong><br></div><p> <br> </p></div></div></div>
January 20, 2021: Recognizing and Responding to Trauma and Stress January 20, 2021: Recognizing and Responding to Trauma and Stress 2021-01-11T15:26:16Z<div class="ExternalClass2127E418C8EF482AB4217B42841C712F"><div><p><strong>​Presenters:</strong> Yanira Uresti (SJH), Alejandra Paez (MPE), Penelope Flores (BES), Kelli Price (JEE)</p><p><strong>Session Description:  </strong>"Stressed Brains Can't Learn" Trauma is an experience that impacts all facets of life. Trauma-informed practices acknowledge and address the social-emotional needs of all school stakeholders, which in turn leads to positive and productive school experiences, which includes supporting  students' behavioral and academic success.  </p><p><strong>Location: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">Zoom Webinar</a><br>                     Password: JanLPA<br></p><p><strong>Date and Time: </strong></p><div>January 20, 2021</div><div>6:00 PM - 7:00 PM<br></div><p><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong><strong>Registration will not be required for this session</strong><br></strong></p><p><br></p></div></div>
March 3, 2021: Destigmatizing Mental HealthMarch 3, 2021: Destigmatizing Mental Health2021-03-02T21:13:24Z<div class="ExternalClassD5B23C3A037144DD8EE9BB5518D840C7"><p><strong>Presenters:</strong> Carly Kirk, LMSW; Angelina Kelly, LMSW; Krystal Hobson, LMSW; Kyoko Wyrick, LMSW;  Anne McHale Miller, LMSW<br></p><p><strong>Session Description: </strong>One in five US adults lives with a diagnosed mental health condition, and diagnoses of depression and anxiety have increased by 250,000 since the onset of COVID-19. </p><p><strong>Location: </strong><a href="" target="_blank"> Zoom Webinar</a>  <strong>Password:</strong> MHLPA<br></p><p><strong>Date and Time: </strong></p><p>March 3, 2021<br>6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Central Time (US and Canada)<br></p><div><br></div><div><strong>Registration will not be required for this session</strong><br></div><p><br></p></div>
March 24, 2021: Managing Test AnxietyMarch 24, 2021: Managing Test Anxiety2021-03-10T15:24:46Z<div class="ExternalClass44B8279304B145269F9CBA04EDB0ABF3"><p><strong>Presenters:  </strong><span style="font-size:13px;">Kristi Floyd-Hargrove (MRJH), </span><span style="font-size:13px;">Robin Rolon (CRHS), </span><span style="font-size:13px;">Michele Sheppard (FES)</span></p><p><strong>Session Description:</strong> Many students suffer from  test. With STAAR and EOC testing right around the corner, counselors will share tips to help students as they prepare for and take tests. <br></p></div><div><p><strong>Location: </strong> <a href="">Zoom Presentation Session</a>  Password: Mar24LPA</p></div><div class="ExternalClass44B8279304B145269F9CBA04EDB0ABF3"><p><strong>Date and Time: </strong></p><p>March 24, 2021<br></p><div><p>6:00 PM - 7:00 PM<br></p><br></div><p style="text-align:center;"><strong><strong>Registration will not be required for this session</strong><br></strong></p></div>

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